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54th Adult Education Television Awards for 2021 and the Axel Corti Award 2022

The 54th Adult Education Television Awards for 2021 were presented this year on June 23, 2022, at the RadioKulturhaus in Vienna.

The jury - representatives of print media, representatives of the Conference of Adult Education (KEBÖ) and a representative of science - had to choose from 18 productions nominated for the award.

The Adult Education Television Awards for 2021 were presented to:

Category: Discussion programs/talk formats (two productions tied for points)

Helmut Tatzreiter and Irene Klissenbauer for the ORF program "kreuz und quer gedacht aus dem Stift Admont - Gerechtigkeit" ("crosswise thinking from Admont Abbey - justice")

Florian Gebauer and Jennifer Rezny for the ORF-kreuz und quer program "Speisen wie die Götter - Ein himmlisches Kochduell" (Food like the Gods - A Heavenly Cooking Duel)

Category Documentary (two productions tied for points)

Emanuel Liedl for the ORF-Am Schauplatz production "One Country, Two Worlds - A Reportage between Intensive Care Unit and Anti-Corona Party"

Gustav W. Trampitsch for the ORF-kulturMontag documentary "H. C. Artmann - Freibeuter der Sprache" (H. C. Artmann - Freebooter of Language)

Category Television Film

Catalina Molina (director and screenplay), Sarah Wassermair (screenplay) and Klaus Lintschinger (ORF editorial staff) for the ORF rural crime thriller "Das Flammenmädchen" (The Flame Girl)





Category Broadcast series

Christian Hager (idea, screenplay and direction) for the two-part zeit.geschichte production "Hitler's Austrian Helpers - The Gauleiters of the Ostmark"

Axel Corti Prize:

This year's Axel Corti Prize went to political scientist and journalist Corinna Milborn for her committed and serious journalism. Her unconditional commitment to democracy and freedom of the press is more important today than ever. Corinna Milborn deals intensively with the topics of migration, integration, globalization and human rights, trying to move, change and improve things in a sustainable way.

Representatives of ARGEBHÖ congratulate Corinna Milborn on the Axel Corti Award