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New publication from Gaby Filzmoser

The book "Bildungshäuser im digitalen Wandel" (Educational institutions in digital change) is available in stores now!


The digital transformation in adult education is being shaped at the management level of the institutions. How do attitudes, values and fears influence the change processes? In her dissertation, the author develops and evaluates a model of the digital-media habitus based on qualitative interviews and seminars with educational managers in educational institutions. Since they are responsible for shaping the digital transformation processes in educational houses and other adult education institutions, they are the focus of the subject-oriented analysis. Based on the diversity of educational institutions and the individuality of the acting persons, the author draws conclusions for strategic changes in educational management. 

The analysis offers management personnel in educational institutions numerous opportunities to reflect on medial practices and attitudes and is aimed in particular at those who accompany and implement digitization in adult education.

We warmly congratulate our executive director Gaby Filzmoser on this great work.

The book is available (in German) at ARGE Bildungshäuser as well as in bookstores:

LINK to the book

Publikation Gaby Filzmoser, Bildungshäuser im digitalen Wandel