General Terms and Conditions ARGE Bildungshäuser Österreich

valid for all services of the ARGE Bildungshäuser Österreich (ARGE BHÖ) unless other regulations have been explicitly agreed upon.

Course participants

You can register for all events by phone, in writing, by e-mail or in person. Each registration is binding and will be marked as a seat reservation.

For all events there are minimum and maximum numbers of participants. We reserve the right to decide after the registration deadline whether the seminar will be held or cancelled. In the event cancellations or postponements of dates, we cannot provide compensation for any expenses incurred.

Terms of cancellation

For cancellations within the last 10 days before the start of the event, the cancellation fee is 50 percent of the course fee. For cancellations within the last three working days before the start of the event and in the event of non-attendance, the cancellation fee is 100 percent of the course fee. This fee does not apply if a substitute person named by you attends the event.



Reservation of changes

Our programme of events is planned on a long-term basis. Organisational deviations between the announcement and the execution or changes (even at short notice) in the content, days and dates of events and of speakers that are necessary for organisational reasons do not entitle participants to claim damages.


We are a non-profit organisation and calculate our prices very tightly. Therefore please expect a price adjustment at the turn of the year.

Consent to data processing

By registering for an event organised by ARGE BHÖ, you consent to the automated processing of your data. Furthermore, the participant agrees that his/her name, telephone and e-mail data may be transmitted to other participants, speakers, persons entrusted with the organisation of the event and to those cooperation partners who are involved in the event booked by the participant for the purpose of event administration and to facilitate internal communication. As a matter of principle, all personal information provided by participants will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties (with the exception of those mentioned above).


ARGE BHÖ accepts no liability for theft of or damage of items brought by customers or visitors to rooms, seminar rooms and generally accessible areas. The customer acknowledges that it is not permitted to install or have installed decoration materials or other technical items in the reserved premises without the consent of ARGE BHÖ. If ARGE BHÖ suffers damage in this regard, the customer, irrespective of who carried out this work, must compensate for this damage.


If individual parts of the agreement become ineffective, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining agreement.

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