The ARGE Bildungshäuser Österreich

The ARGE Bildungshäuser Österreich (ARGE BHÖ) is a network of 17 educational institutions. The task of ARGE BHÖ is to represent the member houses in educational policy issues and to promote and support internal exchange. The joint quality development (ISO9001:2008) and the further education offers for Bildungshaus employees are also amongst the main tasks. ARGE BHÖ is a member of KEBÖ (Conference of Adult Education Austria).

The education houses themselves are autonomous institutions of the Austrian adult education in different sponsorship. They have an independent, versatile educational program and the possibility to stay overnight. They offer their guests and participants modern, well-equipped seminar rooms and high-quality catering. The range of services offered by the educational institutions extends from personality development and creative design to the discussion of scientific and social topics.

The Bildungshäuser