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Performance agreement 2024/2025 signed with Ministry of Education

Federal Minister Polaschek & KEBÖ sign funding agreements: 6.8 million euros per year for adult education

Budget increase for adult education allows for over 2 million course participants in 2024 and 2025

On March 6 2024, Martin Polaschek, Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research, and the associations of the Austrian Adult Education Conference (KEBÖ) signed the financing agreements for the years 2024 and 2025. The budget increase to around EUR 6.8 million will allow for a total of 2,150,000 course participations in 162,000 educational courses.

"The Austrian Adult Education Conference makes an essential contribution to the education, integration and personal development of people in our country. It ensures that high-quality adult education programmes are accessible throughout Austria and at a low threshold. By increasing the KEBÖ funding agreements to around 6.8 million euros, we continue to guarantee a solid foundation for the important work of non-profit adult education associations and promote job-related further education, personal development and lifelong learning," said Federal Minister Martin Polaschek at the signing ceremony.

"The joint signing of the funding agreements and the valorisation of the funding is an important sign of recognition and appreciation for adult education in Austria. The associations united in the Adult Education Conference organise more than 250,000 events every year and reach over four million people with their educational programmes. The funding agreements that have now been finalised are an important basis for the associations and a clear signal to the providers, provinces and local authorities," emphasises Bernd Wachter, Chairman of the Austrian Adult Education Conference.

In addition to job-related education, which is mainly offered by the KEBÖ associations and is of central importance for Austria as a business location, scepticism towards science and democracy can also be countered through targeted educational programmes. The KEBÖ associations play a decisive role in strengthening democratic co-operation and promoting understanding and interest in science and research.



Signing of the performance agreement BM Martin Polaschek and GF Gaby Filzmoser. Photo credit: Schrötter/BKA

Signing of the performance agreement BM Martin Polaschek and GF Gaby Filzmoser. Photo credit: Schrötter/BKA