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New project on organisational and personnel development in Bildungshäuser

What skills and values will employees in Bildungshäuser need in the future? The "Future Skills" project, led by ARGE Bildungshäuser, is dedicated to this question.

What competences and skills will employees need in educational institutions of the future? What must leadership culture look like? What values and attitudes do managers and employees need to have? What forms of work will be in demand? How can increasing flexibility and individualisation of learners be reconciled with the regulated processes in educational institutions? These are the questions addressed by the one-year Erasmus+ project "Future Skills - Changing skills in the Bildungshaus of the future". 

What is it all about? A brief explanation of the project

The current HR situation is perceived as being characterised by a shortage of jobs and skilled workers, upheavals in the world of work (keyword "New Work") and in social values, digitalisation and artificial intelligence, etc. The main aim of the project is therefore to analyse future requirements and challenges for personnel development, leadership and organisational culture in the Bildungshaus of the future. It is also about developing possible solutions for dealing with them. The main focus here is on the skills required in the future ("future skills").

The project team immerses itself in the topic with the help of research work, focus groups, workshops and excursions. On the one hand, the aim is to gain a better understanding of the needs of Bildungshäuser and employees. On the other hand, by looking outside the box of adult education, inspiration and ideas are to be found to help make or maintain the educational centre as a meaningful and modern workplace.

Project partners from Germany and Austria on board

As lead partner and initiator, ARGE Bildungshäuser Österreich (ARGE BHÖ) is primarily responsible for the project. Partners were quickly found thanks to the ARGE BHÖ's active networking approach: The Verband der Bildungszentren im ländlichen Raum (Germany) and the SPES Zukunftsakademie (Austria) are also on board.

Kick-off at Bildungshaus St. Magdalena with discussion and networking around "Future Skills"

The first three-day meeting of the project team took place in mid-March 2024 at the Bildungshaus St. Magdalena in Linz, which was filled with input, impulses and new ideas. The varied programme encouraged intensive thought and reflection.

The movie "The Silent Revolution" provided an introduction to the topic: the film on cultural change in the world of work addressed a variety of aspects that triggered thought processes. This was followed by a hybrid workshop on the topic of "Future Skills", in which interested leaders and HR managers from the Austrian and German educational institutions were able to participate online. Together with speaker Verena Huber, they got to the bottom of the questions "What are future skills and why do we need them?"

Finally, an excursion to Tabakfabrik Linz rounded off the programme. Tabakfabrik is home to around 250 organisations and companies and offers space, networking and framework conditions for cross-industry cooperation. The New Work movement cites this location as an example of decentralised, flexible and self-determined forms of production and living. Here, the project group was able to experience how new ways of working are implemented in practice. While Factory300, a 3000 m2 co-working space, showed what learning and workspace concepts could look like in the future, Netural, a software service provider, gave the team an insight into its agile working structures, which impressed them greatly.

The start of the project thus laid a solid foundation for the rest of the project work, which will be reported on in future.

Results will be published

The results of the project will be published in winter 2024/2025. It is intended to serve as a guide for innovative and creative solutions in the organisational and personnel development of educational institutions.


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