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Presentation of the 23rd Adult Education Radio Awards

The 23rd Adult Education Radio Awards were presented at the RadioKulturhaus in Vienna on January 26, 2022.

The presentation took place without audience and can be watched on YouTube.

The awards went to productions by Ö1 and all 14 free radios (https://www.freie-radios.at/radios.html).
The 24th Adult Education Radio Awards were presented to:


Category Culture:

"Laute Nächte (Loud Nights)," an Ö1 radio play, author: Thomas Arzt, director: Andreas Jungwirth.


Category Documentation, Information:

"Darf's ein bisserl weniger sein? SystemerhalterInnen: viel Arbeit, wenig Lohn (System maintainers: much work, little pay)" by Johanna Hirzberger from the Ö1 series Hörbilder.


Category Talks, Debates:

"Tontcho Nikov - Gemeinderat und Polizist im Interview (Municipal Councillor and Policeman in Interview)" by Florian Schmidecker and Tino Liangos, from the series Regional World Music, broadcast by Campus & City Radio 94.4 St. Pölten.


Category Education/Science (Eduard Ploier Award):

"Faszination des Bösen - (Fascination of Evil)  Psychologist Ulrike Schiesser on Conspiracy Theories and Diffuse Fears in Our Society" by Claudia Gschweitl, an Ö1-Gedanken contribution.


Category Broadcasting series, main topics:

"New Mobility in Austria? A radio road trip provides answers," a program focus of the editorial teams of the 14 free radio stations.


The award was presented by representatives of the awarding associations of the Conference of Adult Education (KEBÖ) - Erich Wagner-Walser from ARGE Bildungshäuser, Michael Sturm from Berufsförderungsinstitut, Simone Kremsberger from Büchereiverband, Martina Bauer from Forum Katholischer Erwachsenenbildung, Bernhard Keiler from Ländliches Fortbildungsinstitut, Therese Reinel from Ring Österreichischer Bildungswerke, Pia Lichtblau from Verband Österreichischer Gewerkschaftlicher Bildung and Lukas Laurin Oppermann for Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft Österreich.

Lukas Laurin Oppermann from the Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft Österreich welcomed on behalf of the KEBÖ associations and presented the award. Radio director Ingrid Thurnher, being the host, congratulated the award winners.

The presentation was moderated by the speaker of the jury, Gerhard Bisovsky (VÖV), together with Sarah Kriesche (ORF).





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