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Axel Corti Prize goes to Peter Turrini

For the 55th time, the Television Awards of Adult Education Austria were presented on June 29, 2023 at the RadioKulturhaus in Vienna.

The Adult Education Television Awards were presented to the following entries:

Category Documentary:

Julia Kovarik for ORF's Am Schauplatz feature "No One Should Know."

Television Film Category:

"Shrill Night." A production by Golden Girls Film on behalf of ORF and arte.

Authors: Sarah Wassermair, Aleksandar Petrovic, Faris Rahoma, Arman T. Riahi, Maria Hinterkörner, Mischa Zickler, Kathrin Resetarits und Pia Hierzegger

Directed by Mirjam Unger, Arash T. Riahi and Arman T. Riahi

ORF editorial staff: Katharina Schenk, Susanne Spellitz, Sabine Weber, Julia Sengstschmid, Bernhard Natschläger

Category broadcast series:

Ernst Tradinik for the OKTO-TV series "NA (JA) GENAU."


Axel Corti Prize

This year's Axel Corti Award went to the legendary writer and screenwriter Peter Turrini, whose life's work was honored in a laudatory speech by Dr. Heinz Fischer (President of the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centers). Fischer has known Turrini personally since his writing beginnings and described him as a - then - young man with a "critical spirit" who was also "blessed with a loud voice." In his acceptance speech, Peter Turrini did not shy away from pointing out that for decades he had been anything but a celebrated man of letters, but had been subjected to frequent criticism from politicians. "In the meantime, the choking has turned into an appreciation," said the laureate.

The awards were presented by representatives of the awarding associations of the Conference of Adult Education (KEBÖ) - Gabriele Hofer-Stelzhammer for the ARGE Bildungshäuser, Michael Sturm for the Berufsförderungsinstitut, Markus Feigl for the Büchereiverband Österreichs, Bernd Wachter for the Forum Katholischer Erwachsenenbildung, Herbert Bauer for the Ländliches Fortbildungsinstitut, Georg Primas for the Ring Österreichischer Bildungswerke, Daniela Schratter for the Verband Österreichischer Gewerkschaftlicher Bildung, Lukas Laurin Oppermann for the Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft and Tatjana Baborek for the Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich.

The welcome on behalf of KEBÖ was given by the chairman of the FORUM Katholischer Erwachsenenbildung, Bernd Wachter. The evening was moderated by the Secretary General of VÖV and spokesman of the jury, John Evers.